Fast Cash Boyz

ABOUT Fast Cash Boyz

The Fast Cash Boyz have been one of the most dominant rap groups to come out of Memphis, TN over the past few years. If you were to ask the streets of Memphis who they are listening to, Fast Cash Boyz is one of the names you are for sure to hear about.

Jizzle, CMoney, TP Stackz, & Money make up the Fast Cash Boyz. The four friends grew up in the Raleigh area (North Memphis). Their breakthrough hit-single “Cash Walk” has taken them to new levels of growth; causing them to attract the eyes of many label reps. They’re currently preparing to release their debut collaborative project “F*** The Cash Up” with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producer Tay Keith.

The guys set the tone for the project with their debut single, “Bad Habits” co-produced by Grammy-winning producer, Murda Beatz, available now on all streaming platforms.



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